To surpass others is fucking tough, if you only do as you are told you don’t have it in you to succeed. Make your work consistent but not fucking predictable. Form follows fucking function. Must-do is a good fucking master.

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Customer accounts

Being among one of the most requested features, Customer Accounts is a huge step forward in helping our customers retain and increase conversion for their shoppers. Visitors of these stores can now create unique logins, manage their orders, and ultimately checkout faster. We created a simple panel design that automatically works on mobile and seamlessly works on every Squarespace template.

Role: Lead Designer


The Team


Michael Heilemann

Director of Product Design

Natalie Gibralter

Director of Product

Kimberly Lin

Product Manager


Guislan Bonnard

Software Engineer

Kelsey Rose

Software Engineer

Thor Frolich

iOS Engineer

Bob Scarano

iOS Engineer

Damjan Spevec

Android Engineer

Tomislav Novoselec

Android Engineer